How many hours of maternity care am I entitled to?

In the Netherlands, the standard maternity care is 49 hours. This may differ depending on your personal situation. We will discuss this during the intake meeting and, in consultation with the midwife, we will decide the number of hours using the Landelijk Indicatieprotocol Kraamzorg (LIP, National Maternity Care Indication Protocol). All maternity organisations, midwives, healthcare insurers and GPs use this protocol to deliver customised care.

The number of hours that you are entitled to depends on a number of factors such as: your health status, the health of the baby/babies you are carrying, and the progress of your pregnancy.

If the situation changes during the pregnancy, the birth or the postnatal period, we will adjust the number of hours in consultation with your midwife (re-evaluation status). During the first week after birth, we will check if the number of hours are still appropriate.

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