From pregnancy to maternity

What do you need to think about?

Week 6
Contact a midwifery practice in your neighbourhood. Check here for a list of midwives that we work with. The midwife will care for you from pregnancy to after the birth, whether you have a home birth or an outpatient clinic hospital birth.

Week 12-16
Register for maternity care during this period of your pregnancy. You can register for maternity care from de Kraamvogel either at or by phone on 088 77 88 500.

Week 28-30
We will phone you during this period to make an appointment for an intake meeting. The intake will take place somewhere between weeks 30 and 34.

Week 30-34
The intake meeting! If this is your first pregnancy, we will come to your house. If not, we usually do the intake by telephone. This is a good opportunity to ask any questions you like about maternity care. The intake staff member will inform you about how things will go during the postnatal period and will also ask you some questions. Such as questions about your expectations of your postnatal period. She will also run through some practical issues such as:

  • How many hours of maternity care are you entitled to?
  • What should you do if you are about to give birth?
  • Who should you phone and when?

Before week 37
Make sure that you are prepared and that you have everything you need at home for the birth and postnatal period. Click here for a list of recommended items. This is also the time to order bed risers so that your bed is at the right height for the first week after birth. Pack a bag with the things you need for the hospital, in case the birth happens.

Week 37-42
You will give birth! This means that the postnatal time has started and the maternity nurse will come to your home. Phone the number that you were given during the intake. We will make sure that the maternity nurse comes.

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