Kraamverzorgende van de Kraamvogel die een baby vasthoudt.

De Kraamvogel Maternity Care

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We look forward to helping you adjust to family life when your child is born. Rest assured that our maternity nurse will give you and your family the best start. She will monitor your recovery and your baby’s health closely. As you get to know your baby, you will find a new routine. We will help you gain the confidence to take care of, feed and get to know your baby after the postnatal period.

What does maternity care entail?

Maternity care is the care we provide during the birth and the first 8 days after the birth. The maternity nurse will come to your home to run some medical checks on you and your baby, and to keep an eye on your and your baby’s health. She will help you take care of your baby and will show you and your family how to take care of your child. She will also help you with chores so that you, as a new family, have the time to be together and adjust to each other. She will help you and your family develop a daily routine and will encourage you to rest so that you recover well.

Your maternity nurse also helps the midwife during the birth, be it at home or in the hospital. This is called birthing assistance. In short, the maternity nurse will support you from the minute you give birth to a few days afterwards.


What does the maternity nurse do?

  • Cares for mother and child
  • Carries out medical checks on the baby (including taking the temperature and making sure that the baby drinks enough)
  • Carries out medical checks on the mother (including monitoring the womb, taking the temperature and checking the stitches if relevant)
  • Provides advice, tips and support in breastfeeding or bottle feeding
  • Emotional support
  • Gives advice and tips on caring for the baby after the postnatal period so that the mother feels confident to care for her baby (including safe sleep, general care, changing, daily routine)
  • There is also time for making the family’s breakfast and lunch and taking care of visitors
  • Some chores, at least cleaning the shower and toilet

Download our Kraamvogel magazine in English

You can download our Kraamvogel magazine here. In this magazine you will read everything you need to know about our maternity care.

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You need various items fort he delivery and maternity period. Download our checklist below.

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